Troubleshooting Guide.

Unusual Buffering or Freezing

If a certain content is buffering or freezing, contact us on chat for an immediate resolution.

If ALL Contents are buffering/freezing please use a VPN as a resolution to any buffering/freezing that you may experience. 

App Crashing or General Troubleshoot

When experiencing issues please start by following the below troubleshooting steps. 

Channel not Available Error

Just Unplug the device from power and plug back in.

This is an Error simply Occurred because of Token Expire of your device. Our streams are tokenized for a certain time, best if you do not keep the app or device Switched on after using, or just reboot once and start fresh when you are planning to watch TV.  

No Audio/Video or Audio/Video Sync Issue

If a certain content represent without Audio or Video you can let us know on chat and we'll try to resolve immediately.

If you see that all of the channel are audio/video out of sync or No Audio/Video, that indicates the device is not working for the service, resetting, rebooting might fix the issue.